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Prior to 2008 I was not creative in the sense of making art. In 2008 I wanted to learn to play guitar. I spent an hour or two or three a day learning to play the songs I loved, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, U2, The Who, The Kinks, Rodney Crowell, Paul Simon, George Harrison. I learned the strumming patterns, the chords. 

In 2009 I started writing songs and performing covers at open mics.

In 2010 I started playing my own songs at open mics and singer-siongwriter nights.

In 2011 I entered my first songwriting contest.

In 2012 I started participating in a local music organization, online songwriting competitions, painting and doing yoga.

In 2013 I started taking painting classes.

In 2014 I started writing a book.

In 2015 I was spreading my creative time thinner and thinner, not really improving as much as I hoped.

After SummerSongs East, I evaluated all I could do in music, art and writing, and working with my creativity coach, Lauren Lapointe, I narrowed my goal focus to recording three song EP's .


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