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FAWM Over, as in the February Album Month challenge to write 14 (or more) songs in the month of February is over

I have many days, like the last two, when I feel spent, down and like my creative efforts are crap

Today is the beginning of February Album Writing Month, better known by the acronym FAWM

the hardest part of writing has just begun.

For 2015, my two main creativity goals will be 1) to publish my book, and 2) release my first CD

2014 was a very busy year for me

Initially I thought I could keep the momentum going.

The hard part is yet to come.

the more mundane, ordinary things like work, school and family. Wrapped up in those ordinary daily activities are strong feelings that are rising to the surface. This roller coaster ride is an area for future songwriting and maybe even exploration in the second book draft.

 Here were insights I stumbled onto this week.



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