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I look at my blog and see that my last post was September 2014. Ouch. Its not like I was inactive. I wrote a lot of songs, played a bunch of gigs, created a lot of new art, and did a lot of writing. I will post separately about the songwriting and art progress. I also came to a decision about priorities. Through the holidays I gave serious thought to where I am with art, music and writing. Realistically looking at resource limitations and accomplishments to date to set priorities going forward.

Music was my first passion. I always remember listening to music, from AM radio and records as a child, to discovering rock'n'roll and FM radio as a teen, through my album and CD collecting air-guitar years. Music has always been part of my life and was the first creative spark. It is also the source of the most joy and meaning for me. I have relearned to play guitar and am at least mediocre on multi-instruments.

I have written hundreds of songs. Memorized about 50 covers and originals for performing live. Since 2012 I have participated in online songwriting in February Album Writing Month, 5090, National Solo Album Month, Fearless Songwriter, and most recently the Facebook Skirmish group. I have gone to Summersongs East, and am signed up to go again,  and am now taking songwriting courses from SongU. I have started making better recordings for download on the Bandcamp website. The goal is not about making money (as if it were), there is a free download option. Its about getting my songs out there in the world, which includes recording and performing. However, I perform for fun and when asked, touring or playing covers are not my aspirations. Music has emerged clearly as my first priority with a focus on improving my songwriting and learning to record my songs.

Art has been a great source of satisfaction. My art has been accepted into seven juried shows. The guitar I painted, and several studies were raffled off to people with big smiles for having the winning ticket. Two other paintings have sold. For me painting has inspired some of my music and vice versa. Painting and drawing can also tap into emotions that are beyond my reach with words and music. Some accomplishments and a lot of meaning, art stands as my second priority.

Which leaves writing. Writing has been fun. No real accomplishments, except hitting word count goals during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) events in April, July and November in the last year and a half. Some fun story ideas that have generated some songs. Word counts are great, but I have several unfinished stories. The original long term goal of a book of stories behind my songs and art did help me look into some parts of my life a little more closely and I am still exploring those areas through song and art. The big idea got lost in search of a plot line like the universal story/hero's journey, has been replaced with an idea to write individual short stories with accompanying art for each song release on Bandcamp. The only writing will be in support of music and art during NaNoWriMo and for this blog (teehee). Even then, poetry and songwriting will be part of my writing during NaNoWriMo months as National Poetry Writing Month is in April, 5090 is in July, and National Solo Album Month is in November.

Facing where I am in life, and the choices I have made, I do not have the time or the desire to develop proficiency in music, art or writing unless I devote all my time to one of them. Right now, that is not what I choose. I choose to do what is the most fun and meaningful of all three creative avenues, and to writing songs, playing and occasionally perform music, paint or write, in search of meaning and joy, every day. I hope that you find your path.  


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