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This blog post by Kim Liao about rejections in writing has me thinking. 


I first saw it as a post on Facebook by an artist. For those of you following my writing escapades, I am nowhere near being ready for publishing and as writing is my third priority hobby after music/songwriting and art I may never get there, and that’s okay.


As a sensitive introvert who avoids rejection probably more than most, I like the idea of making a goal out of rejection. For songwriting and music, I can see a direct correlation for a commercial songwriter (not me by the way) getting song pitches rejected 100 times. Maybe 100 rejected songwriting contest entries. Maybe even 100 rejected ideas from co-writers. For a touring singer-songwriter (also not me) maybe its getting 100 rejections (or non-replies) from venues.


For me my songwriting goal has been writing and posting 100 songs a year in online writing challenges in February Album Writing Month (FAWM), 50 songs in 90 days from July 4, which is about to begin again, yay, to October 1,  and other online writing groups. Since those are warm and fuzzy supportive sites, maybe it's time to kick that up a notch to apply it to my music recordings. Maybe my new goal is to get 100 partial listens on songs I have posted for downloads. In other words people who only listen to part of the song and leave the page, Like hitting the skip button. Or 100 listens with no download. Maybe for me in performing its playing my songs 100 times a year at open mic or my occasional gigs, or one day aspiring for 100 gig rejections.  


Hmmm, rejection as a goal. Something to ponder.


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